VIVANT – the coolest Portable Wine Cooler

This year may have been the best summer ever. And of course that called for: chilled wine.
I don’t have to tell you that this sometimes causes problems. We all know the fumbling with ice cubes, cool packs from the freezer that have to be put inside your cooler or around your bottle. Ice cubes melt, to use cool packs you must not forget to put them in the freezer the day before…. shit!

I love developments that make life a little easier for people, or in this case for wine lovers. At the beginning of the summer I discovered the Portable Wine Cooler from the VIVANT brand. I dare say that this product has significantly improved my entire summer. My wine ALWAYS has the right temperature, wherever I am.

vivant portable wine cooler

Vivant wine cooler

What it promises.

The VIVANT Portable Wine Cooler has a stylish design and works with an external battery that is charged using a portable charger. The cooler then keeps your wine at the right temperature for at least 3 hours. You can set a temperature between 8 and 20 degrees Celsius. Prefer Fahrenheit? That is also possible!

The product is light and certainly not bulky. The video below provides more information.

My review of the product.

The product reaches my home in a nice package and the installation is self-explanatory. I plug in the charger with the battery, when the light is green I put the battery in the device. I set the temperature to 12 degrees for my full-bodied oaked Rueda wine. The temperature on the device flashes and slowly cools down.

I sit in the garden for an hour and my wine stays at the right temperature. Delicious. I am also very pleased with the design. I was worried that it might be a bit big but in reality it is a very elegant cooler that actually doesn’t look out of place in any setting. It doesn’t weigh much and can be easily carried in one hand.

One downside? The purchase price of the device is not cheap. It is a technological gadget made for a luxury audience comparable to, for example, a Coravin product. Of course, this comes with a price tag. On the website you can buy the cooler for five hundred dollars.
In my opinion, it is definitely worth the investment as it is a one-time investment for a very nice product that you can use day in and day out.

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