Coravin Pivot – keep your favorite wine fresh up to one month

After reading the title of this article, you may be thinking, “Why would I want to keep my favorite bottle for a month?” I totally understand you, I also prefer to empty my favorite bottles, all at once. Below I describe a common scenario.

You are home alone (or you live alone) and would like to have one good glass of wine with your dinner. We all know that as soon as a wine bottle is opened the race against time (oxygen) begins. The wine doesn’t get any better and tomorrow you are having dinner with friends, the day after is Monday and you never drink because you are doing sports, you know the drill. So you decide to drink the whole bottle under the guise of saving some wine trapped in a bottle. If you repeat this often enough, you become an alcoholic. Your liver won’t be happy, you won’t be happy, nobody really will be happy.

We all know Coravin for a few years now because of their super handy product with a hollow needle and argon gas with which you can tap a glass of wine from any bottle and then put the bottle away forever or for as long as you want. Of course, this is mainly useful in the hospitality industry, for wine students and professionals. For everyday use, the purchase of the product can be a bit pricey and it is not necessary for everyone to put a bottle away for another year.

Coravin Pivot

Coravin’s newest product lends itself perfectly to the everyday wine lover who likes to enjoy a good glass of wine and possesses enough self-discipline to empty the bottle not in one sitting, but in a few days or weeks. It gives you the opportunity to drink a delicious glass of a different wine every day of the week without the hassle of putting the cork back into the bottle and hoping it will still be good in five days. So much wine ends up in the sink! Compared to other Coravin models, the Pivot is very affordable.

How does the Coravin Pivot work?

It is very simple! You uncork or unscrew your bottle. It is important not to move the bottle, so that the wine does not come into contact with oxygen. Then you push a rubber cap inside the bottle and insert the device. Hold the bottle over a glass and tap yourself as much wine as you want. Then remove the device from the bottle and close the rubber cap. Put the bottle in the refrigerator and keep it in excellent quality for up to a month!

Would you like to test the product yourself? Buy it here!

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