The story behind Winespicegirl​

Winespicegirl was born from the urge to "spice up" the somewhat stiff and boring wine world (yes I said it).

The platform Winespicegirl has the international focus of making wine more accessible for a broader and younger audience because wine isn’t only for the chosen ones! On this website you will find interesting articles about great wine discoveries, wine regions and wine pairings. Winespicegirl travels the world wide wine world in search of the most beautiful stories.

Winespicegirl has grown into a company that helps wine companies with their (social media) marketing and communication of their products and services. Curious to know what Winespicegirl can do for you? Get in touch.

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The face behind Winespicegirl

Let me introduce myself. I go by the name of India Donisi and I am from the relatively good vintage of 1988. Surrounded by the vineyards of Campania (IT) I came onto this earth tiny as a grape louse and grew up to be a feisty lady. 

The more I immersed myself into the wine world, the more I realised the industry could use some lighting up.  A better wine world starts with yourself and that is when I decided to step into the skin of my alter ego Winespicegirl.

After my bachelor Italian language and culture at the UvA I obtained my Master’s degree (book publishing/editing) in 2013. Since I am not an office type of person I opened a pizzeria in Haarlem which I ran for five years. In 2017 I graduated as a vinologist at the Dutch wine academy. I also finished WSET 3 with merit.

Since 2020 I run the business Winespicegirl with lots of passion. Besides writing about wine, I help (new) wine businesses with their online presence on Social media and I create content for small and bigger wine brands. Need help? Get in touch for the possibilities.

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