In bed with Mission Estate – 2islandwines bring the best of New-Zealand to The Netherlands

Wine from New Zealand, the kiwis are known for their pungent Sauvignon blancs, loved by many a wine lover for their drinkability and aromatic profile. Yet I did not write about this interesting wine country before. The main reason for this is that I have not (yet) been there myself. Now let that change, no I am not writing this from the plane….

Not long ago I met the guys from 2islandwines. A proud Aussie and a passionate New Zealander. The gentlemen met in a bar, how appropriate, and came up with the plan to share the best wines from down under with the Dutch. Only wines that are not yet on the market here are eligible for import and of course the wineries must have a great story. Most dreams never come true but the men of 2islandwines persevere and now there is a beautiful website, filled with the pearls from Australia and New Zealand. You guessed it… I got to taste their range and was touched by winery Mission Estate, the New Zealand winery with the longest wine history.

In bed with Mission Estate

Mission Estate was founded by a group of French missionaries in 1851. You read that right, they are celebrating their 170th anniversary this year!
This iconic estate is located in Hawke’s Bay, located on the east coast on the north island of New Zealand. It is the second largest wine growing region after Marlborough and is known for quality wines. The fact that the French settled here with their vines is not entirely coincidental; the climate is comparable to that of Bordeaux. The area produces beautiful red blends, oaked Chardonnays and delicious Syrah wines.
In 2012 Mission Estate expanded into Awatere Valley in the Marlborough area and today they also produce the Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs that we are all such fans of.

Mission Estate is a pioneer in many areas. Not only are they the oldest winery in New Zealand but they were also the first to produce a wine using the method traditionelle and in 1998 they were also officially the first fully sustainable winery in the country. Voilà, time to taste!

mission estate New Zealand

Tasting notes

For this bed session, I chose the 4 wines I’m most excited about!


Beautiful floral aromas interspersed with ripe fruit, peach and pear. Some honey and spiciness. The wine is juicy and mouth-filling, the peach returns as does the honey, refreshing citrus picks up the slack. Nice play between ripe (not sweet) and acid. Definitely a nice wine to accompany food. On the finish, the spiciness lingers for a while.


An elegant Chardonnay with traces of wood aging that are certainly not overpowering. Stone fruit and citrus, orange peel, cedar and vanilla. In the mouth creamy, full-bodied, more tropical fruit like pineapple, enough acidity to stand up. A fine companion glass, also delicious with creamy fish dishes.


Fresh, very aromatic. Passion fruit, lime and green apple. Juicy through fresh acidity. Uncomplicatedly delicious. A true every day sauvignon blanc that you can never get enough of.


A serious sauvignon blanc. Aromatic as we are used to, lemon and lime, green herbs, boxwood. Has body from the wood aging and creaminess from time (nine months) on the lie. For lovers of sauvignon blanc who are looking for complexity and structure in addition to refreshment.

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