Winespicegirl weekly – bathing in freshly pressed grape must

Welcome to a new weekly blogpost where I’ll share the highlights of my week with you! No, don’t be scared, it won’t be a boring sum up of every single thing I have done this week, including brushing my cat and filling up the dishwasher. No diary with bullet points of things only my mother would care to read.

With this new format I want to give you some insight in my life and share the most memorable things I have experienced! Sharing wine fun is caring!

In a bath of grapes

If you have been following my journey in the wine world since the beginning you must know that I love to break boundaries and do things not everybody might do! My first picture on Instagram was me, sitting in a bath full of grapes, naked. It’s actually the cover page of this website!

Reason why I do these things is not because I’m self centered and like to look at myself but more a form of self expression where I like to cross the line of what is socially accepted in the wine world and what not. Sometimes to evoke a change you have to be provocative. So it’s not necessarily my dream to sit naked in a bath of grapes, it’s my dream to show to people, especially to a new and younger generation that wine can be fun, exciting, delicious and hilarious, that is if you don’t take yourself so seriously! Read more about my journey here.

Bathing in grape must at Di Giovanny winery

The beautiful part of this provocative journey is that sometimes you encounter like minded people that are on the same path to wine enlightenment. Arriving at the Di Giovanna winery in Sicily (with another like minded spirit Gilbert Bages, better known as @drinkinmoderation) I was surprised and at the same time delighted to be asked if I would like to take a bath in the freshly pressed grape must. COME ON! Of course I would love to do that! And that is an understatement!

Harvest was in full swing so with grapes coming in it wasn’t hard to find the right moment to take the bath. When the grapes came in they were first chilled, ouch, to a temperature of 10 degrees celsius. Then pressed in a pneumatic press, filling a big bath with literally the freshest grape must!

Bathing in must that will become wine does not happen in a bikini and so I entered bravely, butt naked. First my toes, telling me that yes, it’s really cold! Then the rest of my body, thinking of Wim Hof and his ice baths. Telling myself to keep breathing while laughing at the hilarity of it all.

The must was sweet, I tasted it. The wasps loved it and a couple of days later I still encountered sticky parts in my hair. A priceless experience that I won’t forget!

Thanks for reading along! Happy to have shared this with you! Now I’m curious… what’s the most epic (wine related) thing you have ever done?!

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