In bed with Berguerolles

It’s been a while since I took my favorite wines to bed with me! This had everything to do with a rather intense year in which I hopped from one bed to another – I was traveling quite a lot, that’s what I mean ;-)!

Since February I have a nice new house in Campania with a beautiful antique bed (antiques are a big passion of mine next to wine) where I can cuddle up with the wines that stole my heart. If you want to explore Campania yourself, check Airbnb to see if my appartment is free! Read about the wines of Campania here.

Domaine de Berguerolles

Domaine de Berguerolles is a family-owned winery in Saint Ambroix in the northern Languedoc region, located in the beautiful Cévennes national park. The first wine production was in 1974 and today the third generation is at the helm.

The winery is characterized by combining tradition with the expression of their unique terroir. The vineyards are located on the hills along the Cèze River, this unique microclimate provides protection from the Cèvennes mountains.

What I love about Domaine de Berguerolles is their range that dances between classic and modern. On the website you see traditional wines, about which more in a moment, interspersed with rock and roll labels and experimental cuvées. Traditionally made wines and a whole new line of natural wines coming up soon. So 2022!

Le Clos Rouge

in bed with berguerolles

For this bed session I chose the classic of Domaine de Berguerolles, to get a good idea of a winery we start at the beginning. This summer I will visit the winery in person and then dive deeper into the natural wines and the more experimental cuvées.

The Clos Rouge is made from syrah, grenache and cabernet sauvignon. The grapes grow on a loamy soil with red clay, quartz and granite. Whole grapes and bunches are fermented together in small stainless steel vats. Then the wines are aged separately in French oak barrels.

The result is a deep ruby-colored wine with spicy aromas, cinnamon, toast and leather. Black cherry, cassis. A smoky touch. A lovely glass for a winter evening, a game-based dinner or simply on a breezy summer night before bed.

Want to know more about this winery? Follow them on Instagram!

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