In bed with Claudio Quarta- the white wines from Campania

It’s been a while since I took my favorite wines to bed with me. Reason for this includes moving my bed from one house to another, read a move, but we’re back and that’s what matters!

In this edition of my favorite wine series, I dive into bed with a series of wines from my native region Campania. Let this (not entirely by coincidence) be one of the wine regions I’m in love with and although I’ve told you about my fascination with Aglianico and in particular Taurasi wines before, I haven’t previously elaborated on the white wines from this area.

For this article I tasted the white wines of Claudio Quarta, for sale in the Netherlands at the Italianoinolandashop.

Campania wine region

Some important facts about Campania. The area covers about 40.000 hectares of vineyards. Summers are hot, winters mild. The growing season is long and there is plenty of sunshine. The soil is predominantly volcanic which provides a lot of complexity.

The most famous white wines from Campania are made from the trio of grapes Falanghina, Fiano and Greco. This may sound like abracadabra but I can assure you that these grape varieties produce exciting, intruiging and for the hot area surprisingly fresh wines.

For this article I tasted no less than five white wines from Campania. Time for the tasting notes.

Jacaranda spumante

Claudio Quarta – JACARANDO – Blanc de Blancs Spumante Brut V.S.D.Q.

We start with a delicious sparkling wine of 100% Falanghina. The grapes come from a limestone and clay soil and have aged for three months on the lees. Through the Charmat method, the wine obtains its fine and elegant mousse.

In the nose the wine is fragrant and seductive. White fruit, grapefruit, some green herbs like thyme. A hint of florality. The mousse is crisp. The wine is beautifully dry, pronounced and pure.

white wines campania


This blend of the three greats from Campania (Falanghina, 60-70%; Greco, 15-20%; Fiano, 15-20%) promises great things. In blends, Fiano brings the body, and tropical fruit, Falanghina is responsible for seductive citrus aromas and saltiness, Greco adds complexity and spicy acidity.

I smell exotic fruit and citrus, orange peel, white flowers and in the distance something smoky. Juicy acidity, nice filling body and good length. A successful wine that discribes what Campania is all about.

Cantina Sanpaolo – FALANGHINA CELEBRATION – Campania Bianco I.G.P.

Falanghina is the first white wine I ever drank. The wines are easy and friendly and when grown on the right volcanic soil magic can occur in your glass.

The Celebration gives reason to celebrate. Ripe and juicy stone fruit, some hay in the nose, lots of melon and lemon. Great minerality, I could care less that we’re not allowed to use that word anymore. This is a great glass for a fair price (12.99)!

Cantina Sanpaolo – FIANO DI AVELLINO D.O.C.G.

It’s time for Fiano. Fiano di Avellino is one of the four DOCG’s of Campania (the other three are Taurasi, Aglianico del Taburno and Greco di Tufo).

Beautiful straw yellow color with a hint of green. In the nose tropical and white fruits, honey and nuts. Seductive and full-bodied, certainly not light-hearted with a nice length. Tasty almond bitters in the finish.

greco di tufo Claudio Quarta

Claudio Quarta – GRECO DI TUFO D.O.C.G.

Expectations were high. This Greco di Tufo won several awards and has, among others, the Tre bicchieri to its name.

Exciting!!! Complex in the nose due to the long sur-lie aging, citrus, quince and pineapple. Pure, dry and sultry with nutty notes and very pleasant saltiness. Tastes like more and remains long in the finish.

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