6 x Valentine’s Day wines – Spice up your Valentine

It is said that during lockdown, we’re a lot less sexy and romantic. No baby boom, no sales records at Durex or queues at the flower stall. Instead fluffy slippers, flannel pajamas and a ‘work-from-home’ mood. That’s why we’d like to help you make your Valentine’s Day a bit spicier, with a tempting list of exciting Valentine’s Day wines that will get you all hot and happy. Spice up your Valentine’s day! We provide the wine, the rest is up to you!

6x Aphrodisiacs | Wine-Spice Edition written by Alicia from Merlotgenoten.

Lazy Valentine’s Breakfast in bed with rosé Prosecco

For example, the La Tordera Rosé Prosecco.

Is there anything more romantic than waking up next to each other? A last cuddle, feeling the warmth of each other’s body, snuggling under the covers… Not exactly the truth, unfortunately! There is a cat or child screaming next to your bed, the alarm clock is producing an irritating tone and your breath smells of past glory. Do you know what would do you good? A lovely relaxed Valentine’s breakfast in bed. With a good bottle of rosé Prosecco. A piece of toast with smoked salmon, a poached egg. Cut up some fresh fruit: strawberries, melon and mango. Put a beautiful red rose on the tray for an extra touch. And put on something nice. Or take something off…

Bootycall Brunch with a Blanc de Blancs.

For example: Blanc de Blancs Ruinart Champagne.

Love and luxury go perfectly together! Especially with Valentine’s day. Who doesn’t get excited from a good brunch with oysters, blini’s with caviar and a great Champagne? Get a whole lobster on which you can vent your frustrations. So you don’t have to take it out on your lover. Or of course you can do that, depending on what you like. What we can recommend in for a Bootycall Brunch on Valentine’s Day is a creamy, fruity Blanc de Blancs Champagne. Santé!

Lovely Valentine’s Day Lunch with Riesling Spätlese.

For example: Phillip Eckstein Riesling Spätlase.

For the true romantics among us, the ladies and gentlemen: an old-fashioned Spätlase Riesling, with a subtle residual sweetness, from the Alsace region is a match made in heaven with velvety duck liver. Make a ravioli with duck liver, for example, or rather on a brioche toast? The soft flavours and textures melt in your mouth, the taste explosions will not let you forget this lovely afternoon with your loved one. Are you melting for each other again?


Naughty Dinner Date with Burgundy Pinot noir or Barbaresco.

For example: Domaine Machard de Gramnt, Nuits Saint Georges.

It doesn’t matter. Truffle is always a good idea. With pasta ai funghi, in a fluffy mayonnaise or in a creamy soup. The truffle is a mysterious piece of fungus. The taste is so refined, but the origin is less romantic. A bit like ‘A lady in the streets and a freak in the bed’. What goes well with this? Something rustic, earthy and sturdy, but with many refined fruit tones, spices and flavours in it: a Pinot Noir from the French ‘Nuits Saint Georges’ in Burgundy. This wine pairing will assure you a wild ‘nuit’! You can read more on wine with truffle here.

Spicy Rrrrrrendez-vous with Gewürztraminer.

For example: Gewürztraminer BIO Aimé Stents.

Let’s make it a bit more exciting now, shall we? Let’s go for the Asian aphrodisiacs. Spicy, spicy, spicy! The chillies and spices are all you need. If your date didn’t warm you up, then spices do the job! Quench the fire in your mouth and heart with an aromatic, tropical and exotic Gewürztraminer. Flavours of lychee, mango and rose petals temper the spicy vibes. Or have we just stoked the fire?

Super Stout Dessert with a strong red wine.

For example: Chocolate Block Swartland.

A sultry, sensual red wine. The kind that makes your cheeks glow, the kind you have been longing for for days. Too cheeky, too juicy and too delicious. The Chocolate Block is a South African wine made from Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache. Tough and dark. Flavors of vanilla, liquorice and cocoa. Do you dare to serve it alongside a chocolate fondue? Together you can dip the pieces of fruit in the sticky, warm, smooth chocolate mash. Feed each other the tastiest bites. And oops… some chocolate dripping on your uh….


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