In bed with Prévoteau- Perrier – surprising freshness

More than just pink Champagne

On Prowein 2019 I discovered the Champagnes of Prévoteau – Perrier. A family run business based in Damery, known for their rosé Champagne. When it comes to pink bubbles, I’m always a bit sceptical. It doesn’t immediately make me thirsty, so to speak, and that is mainly caused because of the many failures you and I have tasted during our wine life.
I do always think that the rosé Champagne of a Champagne house is a good reflection of the rest of the wines. After all, if the rosé is a winner, the rest will probably be good too. With the wines of Prévoteau-Perrier it was no different. The rosé was not just good, the rosé was delicious!

This was of course an invitation to taste the rest. At Prowein I tasted a few cuvees, and I got a bottle to take home with me. That’s normally quite exceptional at a wine fair, but because I had jumped into the breach to translate for a potentially interested customer who only spoke Italian, I deserved it.

Because I like to go off the beaten track, I had Prévoteau – Perrier top of mind when visiting the Champagne region in October. A visit to the winery followed and after an extensive tour through the cellars I tasted all the cuvées.

What do you need to know about Prévoteau – Perrier?

  • It is a family business, born out of a marriage between a Prévoteau and a Perrier in 1947, two descendants from a long tradition of Champagne.
  • Nature is taken into account. The land is turned by blades and not sprayed.
  • The grapes come from 30 hectares spread over Valle de la Marne, Epernay, Chouilly and Mesnil sur Oger.
  • The grapes are picked by hand and transformed into divine bubbly wine by winemaker Christophe, the whole process takes place on the estate.
  • 8 cuvees form Prévoteau-Perrier, including a blanc de noirs, blanc de blancs, rosé, a vintage, limited edition and an extra brut. Common for all the wines is the fresh acidity and elegance.

Blanc de blancs

For this bed session I tasted the blanc de blancs of Prévoteau- Perrier. Made of 100% Chardonnay (duh) from Chouilly, Coteaux Sud d’Epernay, Damery and Mesnil-sur-Oger. The wine matures at least 3 years in the bottle.
What immediately stands out is the freshness of this cuvée. Citrus really bulges out of the glass. Beautiful acidity, a lot of minerality and yet also roundness. Very suitable as an aperitif or combined with seafood.
Can be ordered in the Netherlands with bubbles2bubbles.
Read more about Prevoteau-Perrier here.

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