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Pretty Pet-nat – ancient wine

Pet-nat is totally booming! If you want to keep up with the hype as a wine bar, restaurant or winemaker, you have to serve or produce a pet-nat. Totally fun of course, but what exactly is a pet-nat? Pet-nat stands for pétillant naturel. Which means as much as naturally sparkling. So it is a...

winespicegirlwijnbar 0

The best wine bars in Amsterdam- here are my favorites

The wine bar is great. For me one of the best discoveries of the past five-hundred years, together with gel nail polish and the wheel. I mean what’s better than a place where you can sit down, order good wine by the glass from someone who knows the wine better than you do, where...

bush vine Etna 0

Alberello – a pruning method with deep roots in the past

A visit to a vineyard is always inspiring. It brings you closer to nature and reminds you of life. Masses of green leaves resonate with fertility in an almost religious way. My visit to the Etna area was special in many ways. Nerello Mascalese is a very precious grape to me. The centuries-old Palmento’s...

Gulfi zwembad 0

Gulfi- a wine lovers paradise

Sicily is a real walhalla for the wine lover. While planning my trip I almost went crazy, so many choices! Which winery will I visit and which ones will I skip? Is it worthwhile to drive four and a half hours to visit a winery? One thing was for sure. I had to go...


In bed with the wines of Chateau Amsterdam

To me, Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the world. Yes, I know, that’s what every person from Amsterdam says, and for a reason. Amsterdam has everything. And by everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. And thanks to the guys from Chateau Amsterdam, this beautiful city even has wine now. Damn, can this get...

Mosel 0

The Mosel Valley – Riesling with an ancient history

We are allowed out of the country! Yes! Because of those months of Covid misery, you’d almost forget that there are great wine regions around the corner from Amsterdam, well, almost around the corner. I left for the Mosel region on a self-organised wine trip to take a closer look at this well known...

pignolo la tutela 0

In bed with Pignolo, La Tunella – the discovery of 2020

We know by now I’m a chatterbox. On social media, especially Instagram, I ask people – to annoyance – what their favourite wine is. Why do you think? Certainly not because I don’t have any inspiration for nice wines myself, but because there is nothing I like more than the discovery of a great...

oesters en wijn 0

Oysters and wine – a piece of heaven on earth

Oysters, I love them. This is one of the reasons why I have trouble becoming a vegetarian. I can miss almost anything when it comes to meat, but shellfish, holy moly. And then oysters with a good glass of wine, there’s really nothing that can beat that. The most important question at this point...

Hungarian spritzer 0

Spritzer, a popular drink at Hungarian Festivals

Controversial topic alert!  Would you personally try your wine with fizzy water? Let me tell you a little secret: Hungarian people often do that. It might seem interesting that someone would add anything to the already delicious beverage. However, it makes your wine more refreshing if you mingle it with some carbonated water or...

Domaine py chardonnay 2018 0

Pays d’Oc IGP – affordable pearls and hidden treasures

Review Pitch Pr For this article I tasted a wine from the Pays d’Oc that I received from Pitch PR. The purpose is to write a creative review in order to have a chance to win a wine trip to the Pays d’Oc. The wine I received for this review is the Domaine PY...


In bed with Chateau Guibot – Organic Bordeaux at its best

In 2016 I visited Bordeaux during a study trip of the Dutch Wine Academy. In addition to epic nocturnal adventures, we also visited quite a few wineries where we held extensive tastings and where every day three course menus full of Foie gras were served. Read about my adventures in bed with Chateau Guiraud...

german wines 0

Great grapes of Germany – an introduction

Germany has a history of winemaking that dates back to 100 B.C. It is one of the most northern wine producing countries in the world and produces wines that are dry as well as sweet, red as well as white. Germany wine regions Germany is split into 13 wine regions:1)Mosel2)Nahe3)Rheingau4)Rheinhessen5)Pfalz6)Baden7)Franken8)Württemberg9)Ahr10)Hessische Bergstraße11)Mittelrhein12)Saale-Unstrut13)Sachsen Climate of Germany...

Alentejo wines 0

The gold of Alentejo

Let’s start with some curiosities about Alentejo wines. There are about 166 wine producers in Alentejo. The producers are distributed in 8 Controlled Denomination of Origin areas – Portalegre, Borba, Redondo, Reguengos, Vidigueira, Évora, Granja / Amareleja and Moura. In my opinion, the best areas, are all of them. Portugal wine regions In Portugal...

risotto asparagi 0

Risotto with asparagus and swordfish

Risotto asparagus and swordfish Risotto with asparagus and swordfish When spring comes, the hunt for asparagus begins in the Italian countryside. This gift of nature creates a competition for those who can collect more. Of course I’m talking about wild asparagus, lazy people can go to the supermarket. In any case, it is, in...

rose 0

Rosé – ultimate freedom in a glass

I really like rosé. Not the cheap way – nice full glass with ice cubes. Not the snobbish way: “I only drink Provence and if the rosé doesn’t have the colour of an onion peel I wave at it”. Nice rosé, well made, with or without a fizz, I can appreciate it. Surely a...