In bed with Fefiñanes – I live for Albariño

In bed with Fefiñanes

The magic of Albariño

You may take (almost) anything from me in this life but not my Albariño. We are inseparable. I love Albariño in all its shapes and sizes. Especially sizes, think of big fat magnums full of salty tears. Oh, what a pleasure.

And when I tell you that I’ve never been to Galicia you won’t believe me. (I’m still waiting for an invitation!)

Anyway, Albariño. I consider myself a little expert in this field and I would very much like to share my favorite one with you guys. Here it comes: The Albariño from Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes is to die for. So so yummy.

Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes

Bodegas del Palacio de Fefiñanes is located near the sea in Cambados and falls under the DO Rias Baixas. They made their first Albariño in 1928! The logo on the bottle also dates from that year and was designed by a famous designer at that time.

The grapes for this special bottle come from different vineyards and are picked by hand. There is no wooden barrel involved and after the alcoholic fermentation on stainless steel the whole ripens – sur lie, in the bottle.

As President Juan Gil de Araújo nicely puts it, Fefiñanes tries to support and express the Atlantic character of this expressive grape. If you open the somewhat individualistic bottle (and drink it in one go), it is as if Poseidon is blowing you in the face (in a sensua way, so to speak). Salty citrus tones, green plums. Tropical juiciness. A little flower in her hair.

Good. Give me a magnum.

To be ordered at the B.J. de Logie.

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