In bed with the wines of Chateau Amsterdam

To me, Amsterdam is the most beautiful city in the world. Yes, I know, that’s what every person from Amsterdam says, and for a reason. Amsterdam has everything. And by everything, I really mean EVERYTHING. And thanks to the guys from Chateau Amsterdam, this beautiful city even has wine now. Damn, can this get any better!

About Chateau Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam is the first urban winery in the Netherlands. In case you’ve never heard the term, the urban winery has blown over from America and through the Uk and now ended up in our tiny country. The concept of an urban winery is simple. Grapes are purchased, in the case of Chateau Amsterdam, from organic or bio-dynamic winegrowers from different parts of Europe. Then thrown into a refrigerated truck and transported to the Chateau (an old factory hall in Amsterdam North). Here Remy and his father Jos (wine expert and now winemaker) rule over the stainless steel barrels. Some of the grapes ripen on French barriques. Business partner Tom mainly focuses on marketing.

The first batch in 2017 consisted of 5500 bottles, now three years later the 2019 vintage is recently bottled and no less than 40,000 bottles were born in the Chateau. They produce wines that they like to drink themselves and for the Amsterdam consumer. The range varies from a Riesling-Moscatel blend on steel tanks, to an orange Macabeo and a Tempranillo 50% stainless steel and 50% oak. There is something for everyone. This year also the labels have undergone a metamorphosis. Illustrator Emiel Steenhuizen immortalized the soul of each bottle in a beautiful drawing. Read more about Chateau Amsterdam here.


For this article I took the wines of Chateau Amsterdam to bed. A super cozy afternoon! Below a short description of each handsome bottle. You can buy them in the webshop of Chateau Amsterdam.

Serenade by dawn – Macabeo from Valencia, 100% stainless steel.
Like a pop song so invigorating, this serenade. Surprises me with only 10.5% alcohol. Floral wine with aromas of apples and juicy acidity.

Tango by night – Spätburgunder from the Pfalz + Montepulciano from Abruzzo, 85% stainless steel, 15% oak.
Mellow like a warm summer evening in Abruzzo, juicy because of the fruitiness of the red and black fruits. Great blend where juice and body come together.

Still waters run deep – Chardonnay from the Pfalz, 100% stainless steel.
Genuine and pure. Beautiful elegant Chardonnay where white fruit and citrus alternate. Reminiscent of a sip of spring water from a mountain stream.

Twisting sisters – Montepulciano d’Abruzzo, 100% stainless steel.
Wow! What a blast. Ripe berries, full of fruit and what a color. Ideal bed partner with a touch of spice.

Moonlight monkey – Riesling from the Pfalz + Moscatel from Valencia, 100% stainless steel.
Sassy and aromatic. Moscatel and Riesling together in a cheeky dance! Gives the glass a delicious twist, granny Smit, citrus, ultimate terrace wine.

The wild horse – Tempranillo from Valencia, 50% stainless steel, 50% oak.
Temperamental and sweet at the same time. A beast in bed. Ripe fruit, creamy and certainly not boring!

Miss Amanda Moore – Helios, Riesel, Cabernet Blanc and Muscaris from Groesbeek, 100% stainless steel.
Dutch glory! Great combination from Groesbeek. Stone fruit, vegetables (asparagus and paprika), lime with a creamy vibe. Certainly not the girl next door!

Orange is the new white – Macabeo from Valencia, 100% stainless steel.
Orange is really the new white when it comes to this glass. Perfect entry level Orange wine. Invigorating orange peel, soft tannins, very Amsterdammy!

Dr. Mankini – Garnacha from Priorat, 100% stainless steel.
What a charming gentleman that Dr. Mankini. Not at all shy, he almost makes me blush. In his hand a bunch of roses, colorful fruit and a spicy aftertaste.

Ventura – Chardonnay from the Pfalz, 100% stainless steel.
A real adult Orange wine. Full bodied, golden yellow, a solid partner for the Amsterdam foodie.

I hope I’ve made you curious to get to know these Amsterdam wines and I’d love to hear your opinion! Follow Chateau Amsterdam on Instagram for the latest news and read my previous bed adventure with a sultry Italian.

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