How to organise a wine tasting?

Organizing your own wine tasting can be exciting! Here are some tips to make it fun!

  • Pick a theme. A wine tasting instantly gets more interesting when you taste several natural wines or when you take a dive into Italian wines from a specific region for example.
  • Share great stories. The most inspiring part of a wine is the story behind it. Don’t just talk about the vilification and the grape varieties, try to find interesting stories about the people behind the wine and explain what makes this wine so special.
  • Make it interactive. Don’t just talk about the wines, let your audience share their thoughts on the wines. Ask them what food they would pair with the wine, ask their opinion. Let people work in pairs and discuss with their neighbor what they think of the wine.
  • Food! Wine tastes much better with food. Get some snacks that fit the wines you are tasting. Make sure there is more than enough food.
  • Time for questions. Especially if the audience has different levels of knowledge, it can be fun to make time for some questions. The people are there to learn something, make sure to satisfy their needs.

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