How to grow a following on Instagram?

Growing your audience can be a real struggle. Here are some tips.

  • Pick a niche. Be clear about what you stand for, the more specific the better. Don’t just pick wine, there are a million wine pages out there. “Red wine under 10 dollar” or “Greek wines” is much better option. When you decide your niche, stick to it.
  • Stand out. Your job is to MAKE PEOPLE STOP SCROLLING. Your content needs to be great, not just okay. Always think: how can I be different? What hasn’t been done before. How can I make things interesting? How can I make things exciting?
  • Be a brand. By this I mean that it is important to create your own style. This can be in the form of a preset your use for your photo’s, a certain type of photography style (black and white), your own font, your own colors. When people see a post they should always think: Oh that is … that posted that!
  • Show up. You have to be active on the platform. Post stories every day, have conversations. Post multiple times a week (every day if possible).
  • Be consistent. If you post every day, then post every day. Post every Wednesday? Do it every Wednesday. Force yourself to be consistent, it will be rewarded.
  • Be real. Get the people to like you by being yourself. Are you silly? Be silly. Are you not perfect? Nobody is, show it! People are done with the overly styled shots of a life that everyone knows isn’t true. Share behind the scenes. Respond to your DM’s. Be kind!
  • Talk to your audience. When you post ask for peoples opinions about the subject. Ask what they are up to. Ask them everything! Social media is a SOCIAL thing. Think about your captions, don’t just say: “drinking wine in the sun.”
  • ENGAGE. I can’t say this enough. Social media is social. Don’t just expect people to engage with you. Go out there, comment on peoples photos, like their posts, start the conversation. Be present.

There is an e-book coming up that talks in detail about the steps shared in this article. As soon as it’s done I will share it with you (for free!). Stay tuned and sign up for the newsletter so you know when it comes out!

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