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Explore Di Giovanna winery in Sicily! 🍇🍷

Hey there, wine enthusiasts and adventure seekers! We’ve got a cool story in store for you about a winery that doesn’t just make fantastic wine but also has a total crush on sustainability. Come along and discover the enchanting vibes of Di Giovanna, a winery on the incredible island of Sicily – you know, that spot brimming with history, breathtaking views, and epic food.

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Back in time with a wink

So, check this out: in 1985, siblings Gunther and Klaus Di Giovanna had a brilliant idea. They wanted to breathe new life into their family legacy and began rocking the Di Giovanna winery. This is no small feat, considering that the estate in the super cute village of Sambuca di Sicilia dates back to the 19th century. Talk about history!

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A green mission

Here comes the exciting part: Di Giovanna is all about green and clean. They’re on a mega-mission to bring nature and humanity into complete harmony. That’s why they’re going all-in with organic and biodynamic winemaking – think of it as Mother Nature’s secret sauce for top quality. No chemical stuff here, just pure love for the earth.

Wine genius in every bottle

Hold up, we’re getting to the good stuff: the wines. Di Giovanna has a lineup that will awaken your taste buds:

  1. Nerello Mascalese: This red wine, powered by the local Nerello Mascalese grape, is a true Sicilian vibes-catcher. Picture this: aromas of juicy red fruit, a kick of spices, and cool mineral hints – all inspired by the volcanic soils of the island.
  2. Grillo: This fresh white wine, made from the Grillo grape, is like a party in your mouth. Expect a burst of citrus flavors, with a flirty tang and a hint of flowers – summer vibes, anyone?
  3. Gerbino Rosato: This rosé is basically art in a bottle. Crafted from Nero d’Avola and Syrah grapes, it strikes a swinging balance between fruity flavors and classy minerals – perfect for an Insta-worthy moment.
  4. Gerbino Bianco: This white wine is a mash-up of local grape varieties and has it all: ripe fruit, flowers, and a touch of spices. With its smooth texture and yummy tang, it’s a match made in wine heaven for every flavor adventure.
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Let’s Get Wild: Natural wines by Di Giovanna! 🌿🍇

Oh boy, hold onto your wine glasses, because we’re diving into the wild side of Di Giovanna! These guys aren’t just about traditional wines – they’ve got some seriously cool and unconventional stuff up their sleeves.

Pet Nat Vibes

First up, we’ve got the Pet Nat. No, it’s not a pet-friendly party (although, we wouldn’t say no to that!), it’s actually short for “Pétillant Naturel”. Think of it as sparkling wine’s adventurous cousin. Di Giovanna is crafting this beauty using the ancestral method, where the natural bubbles come to life during the first fermentation. Imagine sipping on a glass of spontaneous fizziness with hints of orchard fruits and a dash of zing – that’s the Pet Nat magic.

Orange You Curious About Orange Wine?

And then, there’s the Orange Wine. No, it’s not made from oranges, but it’s just as intriguing. This style takes white grapes and lets them macerate with their skins, giving the wine a rad orange hue (hence the name). Di Giovanna’s Orange Wine is all about breaking the rules and giving you a taste of something totally different. With its textured profile and notes of citrus, spices, and a hint of funk, this is a sip-worthy experience you won’t forget.

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Ready for the Future

And hey, it gets even better! Di Giovanna has been in the sustainable winemaking game for over 25 years. Their vibes are a game-changer, not only for the wine world but also for Mother Earth. They’re showing that nature and top-notch wine can go hand in hand. Cheers to Di Giovanna, the real eco-friendly rockstars! 🌿🍷

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