Blanc de blancs Champagne – the top of Leblanc-Collard

Champagne is always a good idea. No matter what day of the week it is. To put my money where my mouth is, I am writing this article on a drizzly Tuesday deep in May, with a glass of Champagne in hand, because life is a party and there are no days off.

Of only 500 bottles of blanc de blancs Champagne from Champagne Leblanc-Collard, I received one to taste.
100 percent chardonnay (that means blanc de blancs – white made of white) from 2014 from the plot Les moulins, found in premier cru village Tauxières-Mutry.

Champagne the basics

Let’s go back to basics for a moment. The Champagne region generally uses three grape varieties namely: pinot noir, pinot meunier and our all-rounder chardonnay. Champagne is a white (bubbly) wine often made largely from red grapes. How is that possible? The color of the grape is in the skin and if you press the grapes carefully you get directly to the juice and almost no color comes with it (Champagne from only pinot noir or meunier often has a very soft pink glow, beautiful!).

Champagne is often a blend because each grape variety has its own strengths. For example, pinot noir gives nice earthy tones, red fruit and roundness. Meunier brings sweetness and fruit and chardonnay freshness, lots of citrus and finesse. A blanc de blancs Champagne is therefore a white wine made only from chardonnay. These are often elegant examples from chalky soils. Champagnes that are good to start a meal with because of their citrus tones and invigorating acidity.

Champagne Le blanc Collard

Champagne Leblanc-Collard is a 6-hectare family estate in the Champagne region. The family has been making wine since 1751 and thus has a very long tradition! All vineyards are planted in the premier and grand cru villages of Cumières, Damery, Ay and Tauxières-Mutry (In the Champagne region, entire villages are given premier or grand cru status).

The winery is HVE (High environmental value) certified and soon also VDC (sustainable viticulture Champagne) so sustainability and environmental care are of paramount importance. They work with great respect for nature and biodiversity.

Champagne Leblanc-collard

The blanc de blancs of Champagne Leblanc-Collard is what we should expect from an exclusive millésime. Elegant, juicy, invigorating with a wonderful creaminess. The years in the cellar give the beautiful notes of brioche that we love to drink Champagne for. The aromas of citrus, juicy lemon make the wine drinkable (maybe too much so) and perfect as an aperitif but with enough body to simply sip it throughout the meal.

What do we eat with it? A seafood platter, fresh oysters, a nice piece of lobster but also soft cheeses, creamy egg dishes and even fried fish!

It makes me hungry! Bon appétit!

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