Spicing up the World Wide Wine World, one sip at a time!

Welcome on winespicegirl.com! The international platform for wine lovers that don’t take themselves and life so seriously! If you love wine, this is the place to be!

I like to write about wine because wine brings happiness and dries tears. Wine uncorks emotions, awakens the senses and connects cultures. Whether you are a “wine professional” or you love to drown yourself in wine every Friday evening.. we all know that wine is a special drink. Even so, wine has, quite unjustly, a dusty image. Wine connoisseurs are seen as snobbish people with forbidden knowledge (I admit those people exist too) and sommeliers in Michelin starred restaurants love to speak of “malolactic fermentation”, is that a contagious disease? Read this article if you are curious about the answer to that question.

As Winespicegirl, I want to show that wine is anything but seedless. In fact, by sharing great wine discoveries with a small preference for Italian wines, nice wine trips and some interesting facts, I want to prove to you that wine is very much alive. Just like you and me.

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