Indian wines – an introduction of Karnataka

Though India is not yet a famous name in the world of wines, in recent years the Indian wine industry is growing drastically. Some of the leading brands like Sula, Fratelli, krsma, Grover zampa are really paving the way for a revolution.


India’s most significant and dominant region lies in the western part of the country and is known by the name of Karnataka. Because of its location closer to the Equator it enjoys perfect vinicultural requirements.

The 9700 hectares of the Karnataka region have a climate that is very suitable for grape growing.

Most planted varieties are Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz, producing tropical white wines and vibrant red wines.

Karnataka climate

Karnataka has been growing grapes since the 18th century, something that has been popularized by the Christians in the centuries after. Karnataka is India’s second largest producer of grapes. The region is known for the cultivation of different fruits not only grapes. The prominent grape growing regions in Karnataka are Nandi Valley, Cauvery Valley, Hampi and Krishna Valley. The climate in Karnataka is suitable for grape cultivation. Because of the size of the region it varies in microclimates. Karnataka stretches over quite some kilometers, if you compare it to Europe the wine regions would stretch over different countries! That is why some areas in the north are hot-tropical while the south is mild-tropical.

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