How to start a wine import business?

Starting a wine (import) business requires a lot of effort like any business. Following these steps will help.

  • Analyzing the market. Is there a need for the wines I want to import? If not, what need is there at the moment. What are other people importing, what works and what doesn’t? Who is my customer (make it specific)?
  • Strategy. Write a business plan. Make sure it includes answers to questions like: How can I stand out? What are my goals (long term and short term).
  • Preparation. Make sure your product is excellent. Try the wines yourself and let other people give their opinion. Work on your preparation, your logo, your website, branding. Make a marketing plan.
  • Execution. This is the most important. Start and NEVER GIVE UP. Give it all you got. It won’t be easy but if you show up every day, you will succeed.

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