How to pair music with wine?

I love to pair music with wine. It is very abstract but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. We pair wine with food, we pair wine with mood. Music goes hand in hand with this. Of course it depends a lot on your taste in music. What works for some people can be a major turn off for other people, but hey, we can’t have everyone on our side!

The way I pair wine with music is by closing my eyes and feeeeel the wine. Sniffle it and sip it. What comes to mind? Where would you be if you could magically teleport yourself anywhere. Do you feel a soft ocean breeze on your skin? Are you sitting barefoot on the grass with your back against an old tree? Are you in a beach club on Ibiza?

From the mood and the place that comes up, I go looking for music. What music matches the fresh ocean breeze? What lounge beats would be coming through the speakers in that beach club in Ibiza.

The process needs a bit of fantasy and creativity but it is a very fun experiment to play with friends or just by yourself! Have fun!

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