How to come up with Instagram story ideas?

Posting on Social media can be overwhelming. You have to keep posting to grow but you can’t post just anything. It has to be quality content that your audience will love. There are pictures to post on your feed, stories, and nowadays video is ever more important, think of the new reels on Instagram.

I try to make as much content as possible and then plan ahead. Here are some content ideas for your Instagram stories.


  • Polls – ask people to choose between two options. This is very interactive and you get to know your audience.
  • Questionnaires – let your audience ask you questions, then reply to those questions. This way your followers get to know you better. You can also ask for tips or ideas about literally anything.
  • Behind the scenes – share video’s or photo’s of when you went shooting, to an event or anything that is worth sharing.
  • Pictures that didn’t make your feed. We all know that in order to get that perfect shot lots or good shots are made. Share them with your audience!
  • Beautiful photo’s or video’s of other people. In a community like the wine world, lots of people make lots of great photos and drink serious wines that you would love to try. It is a big compliment to share those pictures with your audience.
  • Quotes or funny memes. These always work well.
  • Boomerangs.
  • Sharing your thoughts. It is always nice to have a little chat on stories. Talk to your followers about what you are up to or what it is that keeps you busy. But! Keep is short and sweet, nobody want to see you talk 20 minutes and always write in short what you are talking about for those who listen without audio (I almost never have audio on and for me that is a reason to skip the story).
  • Reels. These are great to repost on stories.

Two tools that I use to create beautiful stories are Canva and Over. Here you can use your own colors and font which will make your stories recognizable and stand out.

The most important thing? To have fun with it! Feel free to e-mail or DM me if you have any questions or need more tips!

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