In a bath of grapes

Winespicegirl was born from the urge to spice up the dusty wine world. Let me introduce myself. I was born under the name of India Donisi in the relatively good wine year of 1988 in the vineyards of Campania in Italy. Ever since I am known to be a feisty lady. After graduating from my bachelors degree in Italian language and culture (2011) at the University of Amsterdam I graduated from my master (Editor) in 2013. Because the idea of sitting behind a desk gave me nightmares I decided to open my own Italian pizzeria in Haarlem where I worked for five years. In the meantime I went to the Dutch Wine Academy where I received my diploma in 2017.

Recently I was done with all the pizza’s and decided to focus on my passion for wine. At the beginning of 2019, I started working as a sommelier in Amsterdam, because working with wine gives me a lot of satisfaction. For my love of writing I started this online platform. I want to use Winespicegirl as an online platform to make wine accessible for a broader audience because in the end, wine is not only for the chosen ones! By this anti snobbery and pro spicy approach I want to bring sexy to wine. Here I’ll be writing about nice wine discoveries with a small preference for Italian wines, wine regions, cool wine trips and events. Great wine posters, grape jewelry and much more can be found in my shop! If you would like to get in touch, be featured on the website or have a nice idea for an article you can contact me here.

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