Wine and food

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Oysters and wine – a piece of heaven on earth

Oysters, I love them. This is one of the reasons why I have trouble becoming a vegetarian. I can miss almost anything when it comes to meat, but shellfish, holy moly. And then oysters with a good glass of wine, there’s really nothing that can beat that. The most important question at this point...

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The history of the olive tree

The olive tree Olive oil is considered a product of excellence by Italians, and over time has managed to be appreciated by the rest of the world. Considered as a symbol of sacredness and peace, the olive tree has accompanied the history of man from the first civilizations until today. Among the ancient Italic...

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Let’s talk Tartufo- which wine with truffle

Not long ago I was running through the forest in Campania, chasing a medium sized dog that – between peeing and defecating – occasionally dug up a truffle. I am one of those blessed people on earth that has a real truffle hunter in the family. My Italian uncle Vittorio owns 5 truffle dogs...