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Spicing up the World Wide Wine World, one sip at a time!

Welcome on! The international platform for wine lovers that don’t take themselves and life so seriously! If you love wine, this is the place to be! I like to write about wine because wine brings happiness and dries tears. Wine uncorks emotions, awakens the senses and connects cultures. Whether you are a “wine...

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Rueda – everything about Rueda and a test of the best Verdejos

Wine from the Rueda region is very trendy nowadays. In the Netherlands and in the rest of the world. This is partly due to the great value for money and the fresh style of the wines made with the Verdejo grape. Verdejo is a native Spanish grape that is more than once compared to...

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Drink local – the best wines from the Netherlands and surroundings

I am a big fan of supporting local initiatives. Especially now, during the eternal Corona misery but also in the times before (whenever that was). This weekend I’ll participate in the online tasting of Chateau Amsterdam, the following week I’ll be sleeping in the Court hotel in Utrecht for a staycation. Read some great...

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Coral wine – wine that everyone should taste

To really be surprised by a wine. It doesn’t happen every day. Not every week and not every month. Once in a while you taste something so special that it can keep your mind wandering for days on end. Read here which wines we should drink more often anyway. Coral wine I had heard...

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5 wines we should drink more often

I often catch myself drinking the same types of wine on a regular basis. As a wine lover I don’t really think it should be that way. There is so much to discover… And yet, laziness quickly takes over. There I go, grabbing a glass of Riesling or a Burgundy Pinot noir. Nothing wrong...

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Aligoté – Burgundys rising star

Aligoté was known for many years as the ugly duckling of Burgundy. In the shadow of the famous grape Chardonnay people used Aligoté to make kir. For those who don’t know the drink; a kir is a dry white wine with a dash of crème de cassis. For a kir royal you replace white...

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Sabrage- how to saber do’s and don’ts

Sabering is my new hobby. I recently got a beautiful Laguiole Champagne saber knife for my birthday and I am totally obsessed. I have forgotten about everything I was taught as a child – not to play with knives and like a real wine ninja I uncork one bottle of bubbles after another. I...


How to pair music with wine?

I love to pair music with wine. It is very abstract but if you think about it, it makes a lot of sense. We pair wine with food, we pair wine with mood. Music goes hand in hand with this. Of course it depends a lot on your taste in music. What works for...

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Which red wine with spicy food?

Pairing spicy food with wine can be tricky and depends a lot on your taste. If you like it hot (fiiiiiiiiirebomb!) I would suggest other wines than if you like to contain the heat. White wines that go well with spicy food are for example off-dry Rieslings, especially if there is a sweet touch...


How to come up with Instagram story ideas?

Posting on Social media can be overwhelming. You have to keep posting to grow but you can’t post just anything. It has to be quality content that your audience will love. There are pictures to post on your feed, stories, and nowadays video is ever more important, think of the new reels on Instagram....

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Decanting wine – when, how, why?

I think it’s totally fun all those beautiful jugs in which you can pour wine. They have round shapes, pear shapes, some have huge horns, some even look like boa constrictors. What exactly is a wine decanter good for? Does decanting have a function or is it just for decoration? Why decant a wine?...

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How to pick a good cheap wine?

Now this is tricky. First of all it depends on what you consider cheap. For the answer let’s focus on wines that cost around 10 euro/dollar. Whenever I have to pick a “cheap” wine I always try to go for the best possible price quality. Obviously it depends on where you live and what...

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How to organise a wine tasting?

Organizing your own wine tasting can be exciting! Here are some tips to make it fun! Pick a theme. A wine tasting instantly gets more interesting when you taste several natural wines or when you take a dive into Italian wines from a specific region for example. Share great stories. The most inspiring part...

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How to grow a following on Instagram?

Growing your audience can be a real struggle. Here are some tips. Pick a niche. Be clear about what you stand for, the more specific the better. Don’t just pick wine, there are a million wine pages out there. “Red wine under 10 dollar” or “Greek wines” is much better option. When you decide...

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Ik krijg vaak de vraag of ik de Nederlandse SDEN opleiding aanraad of de Internationale WSET opleiding. Ik heb zelf de SDEN 4 (vinologen opleiding) gevolgd en ben nu bezig met WSET 3. De stof die wordt behandeld is min of meer gelijk, bij WSET wordt er analytischer geproefd. Stel jezelf de volgende vragen:...

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What to do with left over wine in a decanter?

Imagine you decant a wine and you don’t finish it, how to store the rest of the wine for the next day? Although this never happens to me, I do have the answer. Carefully pour the wine back in the bottle, use a funnel if necessary. Close the bottle with the cork or better...